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With our range of products and geographical locations, we hope to offer something for everyone!
Our philosophy is simple -
WE do the ‘hard yards’  |  WE provide the ‘suggestions’  |
YOU decide ‘when, how, and how much to invest’.

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Welcome to RacingTips.co.nz
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Click on any of the plans below for more information!




"Racing In New Zealand" Plan

Focusing on New Zealand horse race meetings, the “Racing In NZ” Plan gives you selections in every race – you then decide whether to invest, which races to invest in, and at what stake level.

"Multis" Plan

This plan will include selections from both all the racing codes as well as sports events. The “Multi’s” Plan gives you two (and up to five) suggested bets on any one day – we suggest the stake and calculate the return. The selections are presented on a ‘pre-formatted form’ so that you simply click through to your TAB account and place the bet. We do the research, we make the selections, you place the bet ......... it doesn't get any easier than that! Example: On 23rd April 2014, we presented two $10.00 multis - this one won and returned $89.60

 The other plans are coming very shortly – aplogies for the delay.